Our Mission

Our mission is to explore, understand, and develop technology, society, and consciousness so that we can all be better adapted to the future. The mission manifests in the Future Thinkers podcast, our videos, mobile apps, future startup incubator, and everything else that we do.

At Plovdiv.Digital we are building a startup incubator and community around technologies that will be necessary for the survival of our species and the planet. We will select mentors, innovators, and entrepreneurs who think clearly about the future and our program will be based around the principles of hard realism, resilience, and evolution.

Observe | Adapt | Build

What You're Funding

We’re going to build Future Thinkers into a media empire and Plovdiv.Digital into a global innovation hub. You can be a part of this movement. What a sponsorship does is enable us to expand, hire, move faster, create more content, and build the machine.

With sponsorship, we will:

  • Expand our team to accelerate the growth of the media empire and the startup incubator.
  • Purchase more media gear to create even better content.
  • Increase our marketing budget to maximize exposure.




Our Unfair Advantages

Established media platform – FutureThinkers.org gives us the reach to connect with thousands of people and attract startups, community support, and global interest.

Global thought leaders – We’ve been interviewed and featured in dozens of global publications, books, media events, magazines, podcasts, and video channels all over the world

Digital Nomads for 4 years  – we know what makes a great startup city because we’ve visited some of the best rising hubs in the world.

Well connected  – we have an established reputation in future technology, blockchain, startup, and entrepreneurship communities.

We can execute  – we’ve built mobile apps, ecommerce stores, marketing agencies, media studios, online communities, created brand documentaries, and hosted in-person events.

Talented multimedia production and marketing team  – we already produce content and stories for startups at GiantSupernova.com.

International business team  – people from all over the world have already come together to work with us and be a part of this project.

Built-in exits marketplace  – we have an existing relationship and partnership with the owners of the biggest online business marketplace in the world.

Demographics & Stats

By sponsoring us your brand will be positioned as a leader in front of a global audience of educated, tech savvy people aged 18-45, including futurists, entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, and investors.

Growth in 2016
All 5 Star Rating
Episode Downloads in 2016

Current Stats


Expected Stats After Sponsorship


What People Are Saying

Our Topics

VR, AR, & Games

Blockchain Technology

Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Sustainable Energies


Quantified Self & Bionics


Future Technologies

Where You'll Be Featured


Podcast about the future.


Video series about the future.


Future focused technology incubator.


Blog about mental resilience and adaptation.

Other media activities, meetups, and events.

Sponsorship Types & Tiers

Pricing is based on market rate of $.50 per podcast or video download + $10 per 1,000 impressions.



(min. 2 month
  • FutureThinkers.org Cutting Machinery & Plovdiv.Digital Website Sponsorship - sponsor profile on website + logo + link on home pages)
  • Future Thinkers Podcast Sponsorship - 30 second ad in at least 1 episode per month.



(min. 2 month
  • Everything from previous tier
  • Deep Breath Video Series Sponsorship - sponsored by + logo + link at the end of the video. Minimum 1 per month.
  • Articles Sponsorship - sponsored by + logo + link. Minimum 1 per month.
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship - sponsored by + logo + link



(min. 2 month
  • Everything from previous tiers.
  • Infographic Series Sponsorship - sponsored by + logo. Minimum 1 per month.
  • Monthly Google hangouts (30 second “gold sponsor” spot).
  • 3 Sponsored Social media posts.
  • Inclusion in all press releases & other media activities.
  • Inclusion in all in-person & online events.



(min. 1 year
  • Everything from previous tiers.
  • Lock in at sponsorship price for 1 year
  • as the downloads grow.
  • Future Thinkers Podcast Sponsorship - 1 minute ad in at least 2 episodes per month.
  • Future Thinkers Book Sponsorship (sponsored by + logo + acknowledgements).


Email us at contact@futurethinkers.org or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you, asap.


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