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A Hub for Disruptive Tech Innovation with Global Impact
A Proposal to Build a Blockchain & Mixed Reality Incubator + Coworking Space + Media Lab in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Mike Gilliland | contact@futurethinkers.org | +359 877461304

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Young entrepreneurs are hungry to have global impact, but they lack the space, tools, mentorship, community, and funding to make it happen.
As a result, investors have difficulty finding startups with high growth potential in innovative industries.


We will build a hub in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for entrepreneurship and disruptive tech innovation with global impact. The hub will provide the space, gear, community, services, mentorship, and access to capital that startups need to grow and innovate.

Our Unfair Advantages

Established media platform – FutureThinkers.org gives us the reach to connect with thousands of people and attract startups, community support, and global interest.

Global thought leaders – We’ve been interviewed and featured in dozens of global publications, books, media events, magazines, podcasts, and video channels all over the world

Digital Nomads for 4 years  – we know what makes a great startup city because we’ve visited some of the best rising hubs in the world.

Well connected  – we have an established reputation in future technology, blockchain, startup, and entrepreneurship communities.

We can execute  – we’ve built mobile apps, ecommerce stores, marketing agencies, media studios, online communities, created brand documentaries, and hosted in-person events.

Talented multimedia production and marketing team  – we already produce content and stories for startups at GiantSupernova.com.

International business team  – people from all over the world have already come together to work with us and be a part of this project.

Built-in exits marketplace  – we have an existing relationship and partnership with the owners of the biggest online business marketplace in the world.

Our Secret Sauce

Innovation is not just about building technologies, it’s also about communicating ideas. A key ingredient of our hub will be a media production house that will tell the stories of the community and the technologies that get developed there.

The Hub

Business Model

The hub will be a non-profit entity but sustained through minimum fees, including:

  • Educational & Networking Events
  • Space rentals
  • Lab rentals
  • Coworking memberships
  • Coliving rentals
  • Business & multimedia services

  • Creating an attraction point for international startups
  • Encouraging tech innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development
  • Increasing adoption of new ideas in the region
  • Creating a vibrant ecosystem and community
  • Creating business opportunities
  • Housing the Incubator program

The Incubator Program

Business Model
  • The Incubator,  its investors, and participating mentors takes an equity percentage in startups that complete the program
  • The program is meant to be a “black swan farm”
  • Investors are able to provide additional capital to startups in later stages in exchange for equity

  • Providing mentorship programs and funding to pre-selected startups
  • Providing the space, community, and environment that helps startup founders innovate and rapidly take their idea to prototype phase
  • Providing access to a global media platform for startups to launch from
  • Providing access to deal flow for investors during pitch days


  • Mentorship programs
  • Pitch days with investors
  • Virtual reality labs
  • Multimedia production facilities
  • 3d Printers
  • Floatation tanks
  • Education courses & events
  • Coworking spaces & private offices
  • Global media launch platform
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The Movement is Already Happening

In the last 6 months, 30+ entrepreneurs from all over the globe have visited Plovdiv at our recommendation and several have moved their entire business operations here.

Competitive Analysis


  • Coinsilium.com – blockchain technology investment and development company.
    • Pros – Funded, blockchain expertise
    • Cons – No labs, no physical space, no media platform.
  • Hack.ether.camp – blockchain virtual accelerator. Currently raising funds.
    • Pros – Blockchain expertise
    • Cons – No labs, no physical space, no media platform, no funding yet
  • Bitcoincenter.co – bitcoin & blockchain coworking space and pre-incubator.
    • Pros – Bitcoin community
    • Cons – No dedicated incubator program, no media platform, no dedicated mentors or investors

Local – Bulgaria

  • Launchub.com – Sofia startup incubator / accelerator
    • Pros – Has physical space and funding.
    • Cons – No VR/blockchain labs, no media platform, small network, no presence in Plovdiv.
  • 11.me – Sofia startup incubator / accelerator
    • Pros – Has physical space and funding.
    • Cons – No VR/blockchain labs, no media platform, small network, no presence in Plovdiv.
  • Bizlabs.eu – Plovdiv based coworking space
    • Pros – Has physical space in Plovdiv.
    • Cons – No VR/blockchain labs, no media platform, small network, no access to investors and outside funding, no blockchain expertise, no incubator program.



Mike Gilliland

Future Thinker, Entrepreneur & Designer


Euvie Ivanova

Future Thinker, Entrepreneur, & Writer


Vinay Gupta

Global Philosopher & Blockchain Guru


Aric Dromi

Technology Futurologist


Michael Parenti

Transparency & Decentralization Expert


Luciano Leal



Mariza Taillefer

Business Admin & Marketing

Why we’ve chosen Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe.

For entrepreneurs, it ticks a lot of boxes. From the low cost of living and high quality of life, to the hiring & business opportunities (lowest taxes in EU), the very fast WIFI, the healthy lifestyle options, nice weather, great food, nature, culture, and many other factors, it makes it an easy choice for a home base in Europe.

Growing Tech Scene
Super Fast Internet
Affordable Real Estate
Great Hiring Opportunities
Culture & Events
Low Taxes


Build Apps That Make Better Humans
Accelerate Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Eastern Europe
Make Content that Elevates Human Global Consciousness
Build New Worlds in Virtual Reality

Status, Timeline, & Use of Funds

We are raising 10 million Euro in funding.

Currently we are shopping for locations, accepting applications from startup wanting to be involved, and building out our incubator programs.

After we find funding, we will lock in the location and gear, and immediately begin the building renovations.

Within 6 months, we expect to be selecting from a large pool of startups to begin the first incubator program.


We're hosting a TEDx conference in Plovdiv next year


First Projects

  • Future Thinkers Media Network
  • Cutting Machinery Meditation App
  • Blockchain Identity Verification App
  • Bitcoin ATM
  • Plovdiv Virtual Reality Tour
  • VR Biofeedback App
  • Blockchain Basic Income
  • Kapana on the Blockchain
  • Plovdiv.Digital Kapana WIFI
  • Augmented Reality Bounty
  • Blockchain Documentary
  • Content Distribution Micropayment System
Plovdiv.Digital Logos2-07
Europe's New Hub for VR Blockchain and Tech Innovation
Blockchain & Mixed Reality Incubator + Coworking Space + Media Lab

Mike Gilliland | contact@futurethinkers.org | +359 877461304


Email us at contact@futurethinkers.org or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you, asap.


A hub for evolving technology, society, and consciousness.

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